April 14, 2017

Concordia station: Take a journey to the end of the world

Medical doctor Beth Healey had the chance to live the adventure of a lifetime. The European Space Agency offered her to travel to Antarctica and spend over a year at the Concordia station. Mission: to conduct research experiments on the international crew for future human spaceflight missions.

But months of isolation, darkness and extreme cold, with no rescue possible even in the case of an emergency, is a test for anyone …

Follow the story of Beth as she travels to the end of the world and faces a full Antarctic winter, makes new friends and unexpected encounters and has to overcome not only the cold and darkness of the long polar night, but her own inner fears.

Step to the Stars – Our future in space starts on Earth

Presented by the European Space Agency in cooperation with the British Antarctic Survey

Join the adventure at: http://blogs.esa.int/concordia/category/step-to-the-stars/

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